The School of Oceanographic Studies, Jadavpur University was established in 1988 and started functioning in full swing from 2002 onwards. The University Grants Commission set up a nodal centre in 1989 on 'Ocean Science & Technology' for manpower training and research. The efforts were further supported by the Department of Ocean Development (DOD) in 1991 creating the centre for "Coastal Ocean Design and Prediction System (CODAPS)". These centres have undertaken important programmes in teaching, research in interdisciplinary areas and environmental awareness. The School has offered consultancy services to the Govt. of West Bengal for analysis of the coastal erosion problem and management and in preparation of Coastal Zone Management Plan for West Bengal.

The School has set up a centre for 'Integrated Coastal Zone Management Training in collaboration with University of New Castle New Castle Upon Tyne, U.K. under DFID programme.

Presently the School is involved in important interdisciplinary research on Climate Change and Populus Deltas, Carbon Flux Estimation in Sundarban and adjoining estuaries, Marine Bio-Optics, Hilsa Fishery Forecast, Coastal disaster management and so forth.

The School has set up an advanced Remote Sensing and GIS laboratory along with facilities for Hydrological modelling.

Books and e-books published by the School:

Monographs published by the School:

1. Indian Sundarban Delta: A Vision:WWF, India New_Delhi:2012// Danda A. A., Srikanthan G., Ghosh A., Bandyopadhyay J., Hazra S

2. Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal Regions of West Bengal: WWF India, New Delhi: 2012 // Sugata Hazra

3. Temporal Change Detection Study of Sundarban (2002-2008). WWF, India. 2010

Sugata Hazra with research students